Homework Response Sheet

Reading Binder
Students will use a binder to organize all ELA materials for class. The binder is divided using the following tabs:
Tab 1- Grammar Bytes (Red)
Tab 2- Vocabulary/ Word Work (Gold)
Tab 3- Anchor Charts/ Other Reference Materials (Blue)
Tab 4- Reading Texts (Silver)
Tab 5- Writing (Fancy)

Our Reading block will consist of a Guided Reading approach. I will provide support to small groups of students and teach students using reading strategies. The goal is for students to be able to use these strategies independently when reading a text on their own. The steps for a guided reading lesson are:

Before reading: Set the purpose for reading, introduce vocabulary, make predictions, talk about the strategies good readers use.

During reading: Guide students as they read, provide wait time, partner-talk, give prompts or clues as needed by individual students, such as "What if….., How come…….. Does that make sense? Look for clues around the word."

After reading: Strengthen comprehension skills by responding to reading and providing praise for strategies used by students during the reading.

While students are independently responding to the text for 15-20 minutes, I will provide focused, intense instruction to individuals and small groups of students. When students are done their independent work they will have one of the following choices below to choose from to complete.

  • Read to Self: The research continually shows that the very best way to become a better reader is to practice, practice, practice! Your child will read books at his/her “just right” level each day.
  • Word Work: Working with words helps children become better spellers, readers, and writers. Your child will develop their vocabularies and expand their knowledge on Greek and Latin Words.
  • Work on Writing: Just like it takes practice to become a better reader, it takes practice to become a better writer! During Work on Writing your child will work on writing of their own choice. We will also have a separate Writer’s Workshop to work on specific forms of writing.
  • Analyzing a Text: Students will work on closely reading a short text using their close reading toolkits to deepen their understanding of a text working on a particular reading standard.

During individual conferences, we will discuss the goal for the day and revisit the strategy taught. I will provide coaching on how to use the strategy, and then meet back with your child at a later date to see if he/she has been able to use the strategy. Your child should be able to tell you exactly what goal/standard he/she is working on: “I am working on identifying the point of view”, and his/her strategy: “I am looking for pronouns that correspond to the point of view and highlighting them in the text”. Research shows that when students know exactly what they need to work on, and why, they are much more successful in meeting their goals!

Also, your child will be taught to select “Good Fit Books” or books they can read, understand, and are interested in, which they will read during our Reading block. They will be spending most of their time actually reading, which research supports as the number one way to improve reading. I anticipate the motivation and enjoyment of reading will skyrocket when this gift of choosing their own books is accompanied by extended practice and specific reading instruction for each individual child.
As you can see, I am excited about giving your child the opportunity to be involved in a structure that will have a positive effect on their education.

Always reading, always learning!